Year End Resolution

It’s the last week of the year and the crammer in me wanted to get busy with home projects that I’ve been putting off since time immemorial.

So instead of coming up with my New Year’s Resolution list, I created my “Year-end Resolution” list.

Resolution #1: Declutter

Clutter is a state of disorder which stemmed from my inability to assign designated places to things or not returning the things into it’s proper place after use.

I confronted the most troubled spaces at home which are: shelf near my computer and closet. My shelf was a mixture of cables, wires, books, newspapers and robo vacuum
(yep, not sure why it got there either!). The bedroom on the other hand is a big mess of clothes lying in several directions. I spent 2 days (not continuous) sorting through the items, grouping similar things and actually assigning a box per group of item.

Result: Found missing things such as ipad charger and clothes that I’ve been wasting time on searching.

Resolution #2: Discern

Sorting through our pile of clothes was more challenging than sorting papers for it required a little bit of a thought. I had to use my good judgement and trust my decisions after, when
it comes to what to keep and what to let go. At first I ended up with the same pile of clothes as when where I started. I didn’t choose at all. Then, I had to remind myself again of my objective which is to “declutter”. I had to try harder. The process required me to think twice and thrice about the clothes. How often do I use it? Does it still fit? Is it still in good condition? If it fits and used more than 5 times then it goes back to the closet, otherwise I put it in the donation bag for the charity opshops. The first three clothes were hard but it became easier as I moved along. I learned that I have to keep focus on the results: declutter and space.

Before sorting
Before sorting
After sorting
After sorting


Resolution #3: Dispose

After going through the clutter, I realise that 50% of those were unnecessary clutter = newspaper clippings and free supermarket brochures, cute clothes that I bought and rarely wore or planning of wearing one day. These things took up space that I could have used for more important things and does not serve me any good.

It’s easier to finish things than start
It’s more rewarding because you only have a few days left until end of year.┬áIt allows you to start the year right!


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